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In recent years, I’ve pined for graduate school, but my situation makes that dream rather difficult to achieve.  In other words, freakin’ money.

But I needed a way to keep my mind active and to keep me happy, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

So I’ve been collecting books (including text books) and trying to figure out a way to go about my self-education.  Thanks to the internet, ebay, used book stores, and friends who have books they want to get rid of, it’s easier than ever to undertake one’s own education.

And soon, it’ll be even easier.  Harvard and MIT have combined forces to launch edX, an online education program that will allow would-be scholars to participate in online courses for free.  Yes, for free.  Yes, Harvard and MIT.  Granted, you can’t get a degree this way, but a degree is just a piece of paper.  And it will be fantastic preparation for grad school if you need that piece of paper.

But until then, I’ll undertake all this my own way.  And of course I’ll share it with the vast expanse of the internet.